Broadly, I study how innovative firms collaborate globally. I explore that interest in three primary research streams:

  • The formation, governance and performance of inter-organizational relationships, including alliances, buyer-supplier relationships, etc.
  • Knowledge diffusion across firms, industries and regions
  • The impact of formal and informal institutions on the topics above, with a special interest in the economy and institutions of Japan

In my research, I encountered methodological limitations of extant research. A smaller stream of papers contributes to the field by highlighting common methodological errors, their consequences for theory testing and errors in inferences, and potential solutions.

Much of my recent work focuses on sustainability, specifically the complex relationships between firms and governments in the clean energy supply chain. One outcome of this research is the co-authored paper "Configuration of Value Chain Activities: The Effect of Pre-Entry Capabilities, Transactions Hazard and Industry Evolution on the Decision to Internalize," forthcoming in Organization Science, which examined the bio-ethanol industry. This work continues and I am enjoying the opportunity to expand my focus to encompass other clean energy sources. I have also done work on the flat panel display, notebook computer, disk drive and early automotive industries, among others.

You can find a complete listing of my work in my CV and copies of many of my papers on the Papers page. The Research narrative page places my papers in context and traces the development of my research activities. Information on packages I’ve written for Stata as a byproduct of my research is here.