Confounded coefficients: Extending recent advances in the accurate comparison of logit and probit coefficients across groups

The logit and probit models are critical parts of the management scholar’s analytical arsenal. We often want to know if a covariate has the same effect for different groups, e.g., men and women. Unfortunately, making this comparison is much more challenging than many researchers realize. This paper demonstrates the potential for misinterpretation and proposes and tests two alternative means of comparing coefficients across groups.
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The use of logit and probit models in strategic management research: Critical issues

This paper identifies four critical issues in the use of logit and probit models in management research: interpreting coefficients, modeling interactions between variables, comparing coefficients between groups (e.g., foreign and domestic firms), and measures of model fit. For each issue, the paper provides a background, a review of current practice, and recommendations for best practice. Abstract and download