Creating your research identity

A presentation from the doctoral workshop at the 2016 West Coast Research Symposium on Innovation and Entrepreneurship.Download

How to keep your research stream going

A presentation from the doctoral workshop at the 2014 West Coast Research Symposium on Innovation and Entrepreneurship. My focus was very high-level, really more “How to think about this challenge” than specific recommendations.Download

(Re)writing and defending the dissertation

From a panel discussion at the 2011 BPS Managing Your Dissertation Workshop. It is lightly updated version of a presentation I gave in 2003. Download

Maximizing Benefits from the PhD Program

An orientation session for incoming PhD students at the University of Illinois. My central point was that students should think of the entire PhD experience holistically, rather than as a series of discrete phases, e.g., classes, "dissertating", being on the market.Download

Wounded goose? Japan's place in Asia's innovation ecosystem

This paper has its origin in a campus‐wide program on science and technology in Asia that I organized. The organizing committee with which I was working developed a list of potential topics. Geographically, the topics covered China, India, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan...but not a single project on Japan. As a Japanologist, I was understandably upset. As a scholar of innovation, I was actually quite worried because I believe that Japan continues to have an important and distinct role to play in the innovation ecosystem of Asia and, by extension, the world. It is a different role than we used to understand Japan to play and our research, management, and policy making will be better if we appreciate both the changes and the enduring importance of Japan. Originally presented at the 2009 Academy of International Business conference.Download