Pre-proposal PhD students
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Sun Kim's research interests are influences of innovation, strategy, and internationalization: how companies manage their knowledge assets internally and externally; how, through both economic and non-economic factors such as social capital, companies can build strong, strategic relations with other companies and gain a competitive edge; and how national, industrial and firm level institutions affect the aforementioned factors.

She is in her 5th year of the PhD program.
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Joffa Applegate is a PhD student in Applied Mathematics and Complex Adaptive Systems Science at Arizona State University, specializing in developing agent based economic models (AMBs) as well as dynamic system models to explore how firm populations change under various institutional settings. She has been working with me through ASU’s Center for Policy Informatics to develop an ABM demonstrating tradeoffs between organizational modularity and strategic performance. She is also affiliated with the Center For Behavior Institutions and the Environment and the Simon A. Levin Mathematical, Computational and Modeling Sciences Center.