Graduated PhD students
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Han Jiang (Assistant professor, University of Arizona). Han's research mainly focuses on the inter-organizational networks (including alliance networks between different firms and managerial networks between executives), examining their dynamics and implications. Han is also interested in strategic leadership research and entrepreneurship research. His work has appeared in academic journals including the Journal of Management.
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Pao-Lien Chen (Associate professor, Institute of Technology Management, National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan). Pao-Lien's dissertation examined how firms evolve their managerial resources along with the evolution of the cellular phone service industry in the United States to achieve competitive advantages.  More broadly, Pao-Lien’s research interests focus on the implications of organizational resources, both internal and external, for firm performance, strategy and organizational renewal. In addition, she is interested in studying the linkages between employee entrepreneurship and mobility and the startup performance in the high-tech sector. Her teaching interests include corporate strategy, entrepreneurship and organizational behavior.
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Martin Ganco (Associate professor, University of Wisconsin). Martin's research interests focus on the understanding of the entrepreneurial processes and their impact on firm capabilities, performance and industry evolution. His dissertation studied how the technological context of prior activities affects decision to engage in employee entrepreneurship. Martin and I have co-authored a paper on the use of NK modeling in strategy and he has already has articles in Strategic Management Journal and Academy of Management Review. He received the 2011 Wiley Blackwell Outstanding Dissertation Award, sponsored by the Business Policy and Strategy Division of the Academy of Management.
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Minyoung Kim (Assistant Professor, University of Kansas) Min-Young’s research interests lie at the intersection of international business and strategic management. More specifically, he is interested in how unique attributes of international markets allow firms to create and sustain competitive advantages in the context of technological innovation. His dissertation addresses the antecedents and consequences of isolating mechanisms or barriers to imitation, focusing on the role of geographic scope of knowledge acquisition in sustaining firms’ competitive advantage. He is also interested in strategic alliances, differentiation strategies, firm internationalization, and transnational entrepreneurship. Min-Young’s teaching interests include international business, strategic management, and technology management.

Min-Young received the 2011 Best strategy and macro OB paper award for doctoral students from the Association of Korean Management Scholars for the first essay of his dissertation. He also won the 2013 Barry M. Richman Best Dissertation Award, sponsored by the International Management Division of the Academy of Management.

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Sai Lan (Assistant Professor, Peking University). Sai's dissertation examined open innovation in the context of open source software sponsorship by public firms. More broadly, he is interested in innovation and its impact on corporate performance, value creation in M&A, university-industry interface, and global expansion. His six years of work experience in high-tech industries, including telecom and health-care IT industries, gives him a great sense of the empirical contexts he studies. Sai's teaching interests include strategy, entrepreneurship and international Business.
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Jongkuk Lee (Assistant professor of marketing, Ewha Womans University, Seoul, South Korea) Jongkuk’s research focuses on interfirm relationship formation along the process of new product development and launching and its impact on firm performance. His dissertation examined innovation alliances in the context of biotech and pharmaceutical industries. He also examines various aspects of relationship strategies, such as the link between internal investment and relationship formation strategies, relationship termination strategies, and their firm performance implications. He teaches interorganizational relationship marketing and international marketing in Ewha. Along with Bill Quals, we co-authored a paper looking at the governance flexibility firms gain as they accumulate more experience with alliances.
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Yong Li (Associate Professor, SUNY Buffalo). Yong's research and teaching interests focus on investment under uncertainty and financing entrepreneurship in particular. We are co-authoring a paper on how firms decide whether or not to acquire firms that have received corporate venture capital investments. Yong has taught me a great deal about real options.
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Marleen McCormick (Assistant professor, Butler University) Marleen studies entrepreneurship in the global context. Her dissertation research integrates previously separate research streams to examine and understand the conditions that maximize productive entrepreneurship while minimizing unproductive (purely rent-seeking or rent-destroying) entrepreneurship. Marleen’s teaching interests include international business, cross cultural management, and international entrepreneurship.
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Denisa Mindruta (Associate professor, HEC Paris). Denisa's research and teaching interests include academic and corporate entrepreneurship, the management of technology (particularly in two-sided markets contexts), and the political economy of innovation. Her current research focuses on entrepreneurial activities involving university and industry partnerships.

Her work has been recognized with several awards and scholarships, including a Dissertation Fellowship from the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation, a selection among the finalists in the INFORMS/Organization Science Dissertation Competition (2007), and the AOM Technology and Innovation Management Division Best Conference Paper Award (2008).
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Josh Sears (Assistant Professor, Texas Tech) In his dissertation on technological acquisitions, Josh differentiates acquirer overlap from the traditionally measured target overlap and then examines their effects on value creation and post-acquisition innovation. He also investigates potential substitutive effects geographic overlap has with technological overlap. Beyond his dissertation, Josh is interested in international expansion, strategic renewal, and mergers and acquisitions in general. Josh’s teaching interests include strategy, entrepreneurship and international business.

Josh was a finalist for the 2011 Robert J. Litschert Best Doctoral Student Paper Award and received a Distinguished Doctoral Student Paper Award from the BPS division at the 2011 Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management. His research was also included in the Best Paper Proceedings of the 2011 Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management and was nominated for the Best Conference Paper Award at the Strategic Management Society’s 2011 meeting. Josh and I have co-authored a paper examining the impact of knowledge overlap on post-acquisition performance, focusing on the asymmetric impacts of target and acquirer overlap.
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Lihong Qian (Assistant Professor, Portland State University). Lihong is interested in the entrepreneurial decisions of managers. In her dissertation, she looks at two such managerial decisions:  boundary choices for value chain activities when a firm enters a new industry and the decisions related to the adoption of an emerging radical technology. She is  interested in building connections among theories and among methodologies, including organizational economics, organizational capabilities and industry evolution literature. Her dissertation uses data from both secondary and primary data sources. Her teaching interests include strategy, international business and technology management. Lihong, Rajshree Agarwal and I co-authored a paper studying how prior experience shapes the value chain activities firms internalize when they enter new industries.

Please see her website for more information.
Tianjiao Qiu (Associate professor of marketing, California State University, Long Beach) Tianjiao's current research interests include the management of marketing channel relationships and new product development teams. She has published in European Journal of Marketing and Journal of Product Innovation Management. Her teaching interests include business marketing, international business and international marketing. She has previously taught at Zhejiang University, China.
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I-Chen (Kim) Wang (Assistant Professor, Suffolk University, Boston) Kim draws on her background in engineering and management to research issues of technology management, in particular, the strategies of technological laggards. Her research specifically looks at innovation commercialization decisions by lagging firms in the flat panel display industry. Her other research interests includes entrepreneurship and National System of Innovation. Her teaching interests include strategy and technology management.

Kim was a finalist for the 2011 TIM Division Best Student Paper award.