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(2015). Alliance experience and governance flexibility. Organization Science.


(2013). Reconceptualizing Plural Sourcing. Strategic Management Journal.


(2013). Leveraging Japan's ``old economy''. Council on Foreign Relations.

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(2018). Curbing opportunism in buyer-supplier relationship: A QCA study on effective governance mechanisms. Organization Science (Conditional acceptance).

(2018). Are ''U'' sure? Improving the theoretical and empirical investigation of curvilinear relationships in strategy research. Strategic Management Journal (Revision requested).

(2018). Doing well by ‘doing good’ and ‘saying good’: The effects and mechanisms of environmental actions and language on employees’ taking charge. Academy of Management Journal (Under first review).

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A presentation from a panel discussion at the 2017 SMS Doctoral Workshop. It is a slightly updated version of the presentation I gave at the 2003 BPS/OMT/IMD Managing Your Dissertation Workshop, Academy of Management meeting. I’d still agree with what I said then.


Shortly after I posted Tools of the trade 1—Spelling and grammar checkers, version 3.0 of the Hemingway Editor became available. The changes are evolutionary, rather than revolutionary, but provide some useful new features. The update is free to owners of version 2, which is generous for an update of this magnitude.


This is the first of a series of posts on “Tools of the trade.” It will focus mostly on software, although you can see my thought on using a Mac rather than a Windows computer here.